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  • Production from raw material to finished product formulation, there is a modern fully automated production equipment imported,Excellent work efficiency, can effectively control costs
    According to changes in customer demand, timely rapid development of various molds
    Emphasis on technology research and development, strict quality control, follow industry standards, quality and reliable
    Service network in major cities throughout the country, customers can enjoy the convenience, quality service Our adherence to the development of e-commerce marketing mode, information fast, smooth communication.
        Foshan City Heart To Heart Household Wares Manufacturer ,is located in Foshan City ,Guangdong Province,China, established in 2002. With an experience of over 10years in the design,manufacture and marketing ,we now cover 2000kinds of products and have 10 new design items every month. Main products have bath accessories,sport equipment accessories,medical accessories and so on. For all ranges of our models,we have our own brand “Tongxin” . 
         All our products that meet the most specific needs are selling to big factory, big chain stores,importers,wholesalers in all countries in Europe,American,Middle East and other countries all over the world. 

    Tel:0086-757-86658818 / 0086-757-86658988
    Fax:0086 757 86658987 Tel:139 0281 4942
    Add:Muyuan Industrial Park,Luomu Rd,Foshan,Guangdong,China
    E-mail:fstx@tongxinyz.com  tongxin@tongxinyz.com